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MacHeist: Bundle




So I really am not a fan of Macs personally, but that aside this is a cool package that has a bunch of programs for $20.

While it’s a Mac bundle, one thing in there is Toon Boom Studio, which is flash’s primary competitor. And, the license applies to both the Windows and Mac versions, so if you’re a Windows user like me, you can get it. IMO that alone makes the bundle worth it.

Hurry up though, just 1 hour left :V


Now with 3 days more time to grab it NOW!

ToonBoom Studio 8 for Windows and Mac. Plus other Mac accessories. For $20. How could you say no to this!? o.o

(Source: zedrin-maybe)

Official blog for the English OFF translation is a go


RecDra here, main translator and maintainer of this blog.

Very few of you are aware of this, but I am currently working on the translation’s next version, v. 3.0.

In order to give fans a bit of an insight on the process and the possibility to give feedback to some degree, I will continually post…

The OFF English Translation 3.0 is on its way, headed by my very good friend RecDra! =)

OFF (c) Mortis Ghost


The official Azadae trailer has been released! Like it, share it with your friends, and let us know what you think!

We’re also going to have a Q&A session next week if you want to ask us any questions about Azadae! Send over those questions here onTumblr , on Facebook, on Twitter, or email us at

Almost two years… it’s a long time for an animation to be made, isn’t it? Well, I’m gonna get off my lazy butt and let you guys know what’s been going on (or, you could interpret it as me making excuses… your choice) Also, I have a little something for you at the end too…

But seriously, I feel I owe it to you guys after keeping silent for so long. Thanks for all the support! =)


Here it is.  One of the animations I’ve been working on for the past handful of months.

I did about half of the animation on display, checkout the credits for more info.

And how about that guest voice eh???

Sweet, glad to see this finally done!

Ben, your animation’s as snappy and expressive as ever! Love it xD

(My friend ArtsyFeathers also did some of the backgrounds for this as well: )

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